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Get it automated, get it as smart as you are, make it look clean

We are a "Low voltage" wiring company. We specialize in custom wiring for TVs, networks, cameras, home theaters and gaming systems. We can help your home go smart or smarter whatever your level of comfort is.


We are what you would call "Nerds." We specialize in the things you didn't think of or you have thought of but not sure how to complete the project. We have installed some wild game system set ups, some crazy outdoor party connections, elevated dumb homes to smart homes. Let us help you get the easy life. We can handle all of your wiring needs from electrical outlets being added to leaving tv equipment in one room and tv in another. If you can dream it we can create it!


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What sets us apart

We do it right the first time

Tv Mounting

We can mount your tv, hide your equipment and wires so that it feels like your looking at a beautiful view. Instead of a nest of wires

Premium Wi-Fi

Let us crank your connection up to 11 and maximize your speeds all the way through your home so you don't have to hide near the modem

Hard wired connection

Let us install a hardwired connection where you need it for ultimate speeds and reliable connection for those moments when it matters 


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